woensdag 12 juli 2006

Pandora’s box of services

Saleforce.com CEO Marc Benioff tells his employees, and us, that the world won't be waiting for Microsoft and that software as service applications that will make up "The Business Web" will come from everywhere and everyone. But it won't be easy says Phil Wainewright, "because of the the semantic minefield that most SOA projects get bogged down in".

"It will not be dominated by any one particular company or application or geography. The reason is that The Business Web will be best known for its ability to easily create composite applications, or what is now popularly known as “mash-ups.” Made popular on consumer sites such as www.housingmaps.com, a mash-up driven by Google maps and craigslist.org, or www.bikramfinder.com, a mash-up driven by salesforce.com and Google maps, the point is simple: the future of business applications is multiple, heterogeneous applications talking to each other and sharing data."

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