zondag 30 juli 2006

The meaning of Windows Live

Getting Ray Ozzie to work for Microsoft has had a refreshing and enlightening effect, inside and outside of Seattle. First we had the leaked memo's and his interesting weblog, and last week he explained the Windows Live vision. Microsoft has invited me to come over to Seattle in August and I will meet a lot of Windows Live people there. The strategic direction feels right, will be exciting to see (and help) it become reality....

"But we're in a new era, an era in which the Internet is at the center of so much of what we do now with our PCs. And it's important to start then from a different vantage point. So instead, we start with the Internet service. Even in cases where the experience is best delivered by writing applications for the PC, when considering the overall user experience that we're trying to achieve, we now start with a service-centric perspective. We frame the question, How can we best accomplish the experience we want taking advantage of the ability of centralized services to enable seamless end-to-end experiences for the user? We know that a centralized service can be a great place to store or cache things so they can be accessed anywhere on the Net, and to organize things and share things with others. So in our case, we consider what can be done for the user by assuming the presence of a new service infrastructure that does such things, a set of centralized services that in our case we call Windows Live. The services offered up by the Windows Live platform are available to Web sites and also to client applications and also to mobile applications. And this is key to our strategy. Because it's our aspiration to create seamless Web, desktop and mobile experiences for all activities relevant to users and customers in all our markets. And our model for doing so is to use our Windows Live services platform as an experience hub, and to use the PC, the browser and mobile devices as different experience-delivery mechanisms for the value we aspire to deliver."

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