zaterdag 9 april 2005

RFID implantee

Ideas around implanting RFID chips are nothing new, here's a story about a guy who had it done for personal use. When I think about having a chip implanted in my hand I always wonder about a situation where I would get robbed and the thieves would cut off my hand in order to access my house or withdraw money from my bank. "Give me your money or I'll shoot" will never be the same again I guess....

"Ideally, what sort of accessibility do you hope to see this implant give you in the future? Well, because I’m writing my own software and soldering up my own stuff, pretty much anything I want. Well, more accurately, anything I have the time and inspiration to do. Ultimately though, I think true keyless access will require an implantable chip with a very strong encryption system; right now I’m only looking at this type of thing in a personal context."

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