dinsdag 12 april 2005

Podcasting the GODSHOW

Fascinating story on a Dutch priest who has been reporting live from Rome last week using a blog and podcasts.

"Trey Jackson mailed me that The Catholic Insider Podcast was discussed on CNN today, in CNN's "Inside the Blogs":

"We go to Roderick Vonhögen, a priest from the Netherlands, who blogs here at CatholicInsider.com.

I love this graphic here. You can imagine he is probably a quite progressive priest if this is the graphic he has on the front of his site.

At catholic insider you can see the pictures he's taken there on st. Peter's square. You can read his thoughts, but you can also hear his thoughts. This priest is podcasting, that is: it's kind of an audioblog. You can go onto the site and listen to his thoughts, what he's seeing all around him.

So many people are downloading these things today, these podcasts, that it's become the #1 podcast on the internet right now."

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