zondag 17 april 2005

A fascinating second life

Although massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs) fascinate me in many ways, I have never really had the time to play them. But since it's a potential spin-off area for Eccky I started a second life in Second Life, the most 'open' MMOG. Amazing how easy it is to spend so (or even too) much time in there... For other 'Residents' reading this, my Second Life name is Yme Boyoma. And if you'd like to visit me go here: Hera (228,48).

"Other MMOs, such as World of Warcraft, EverQuest and Ultima Online, to name a few, dwarf Second Life's 25,000 users. Still, many industry observers feel Second Life offers the best platform for mixing social interaction, play and the opportunity to tackle serious issues."

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