woensdag 24 mei 2006

Weblogs institutionalized

The deal between Technorati and AP really shows how blogs can be complementary to more traditional ways of spreading the news. I guess Technorati is already frequently used by journalists, but this way it can only get better, especially for people consuming news they find interesting. And I really like the fact this works perfectly on a local news level as well.

"Technorati just announced a partnership with the AP that will look functionally a lot like its partnership with the Washington Post. News organizations that run the AP's news module (there are reportedly 440 nationwide) will display a box highlighting the 5 most bloggged about news items of the day and inbound links will be displayed on pages for unique articles. This is great news - only makes sense. Further proof that the traditional/new media dichotomy isn't the best way to understand what's going on. I think this has the potential to be very good for both the blogosphere and for the mainstream media."

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