woensdag 3 mei 2006

Reputation aggregators

Is there a need for a system that allows me to check out someone's reputation? Definitely. Do we need (and trust) a system that's centralized and 'owned' by one company? I'm not so sure. Rapleaf is such a central solution (as is eBay with their feedback system), but it's 'open' at the same time. So it allows other services to use the information that is stored in Rapleaf's databases and to combine it with their own information on that individual. I would expect to see some (meta) reputation aggregators very soon...

"Rapleaf will (on launch) deploy an API to allow third parties to access the key parts of the service. Account creation, review creation and feedback scores will all be accessible, and free, to third parties who choose to integrate. For non-eBay shopping sites, Rapleaf will be a competitive leveler. And if enough sites start to integrate with Rapleaf over time, the data will become even more relevant than eBay’s."

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