vrijdag 19 mei 2006

Can't sell it? Fix it, don't advertise.

Interesting email conversation between Esther Dyson and Vint Cerf about what the 'future of the internet' will bring us. There are too many interesting quotes and thoughts, I'd just like to highlight a few pragmatic observations/predictions by Esther.

"So the message to marketers is: If you can't sell your product (assuming it's already in the market), fix the product! Don't try to change the situation by advertising. Consumers will publish wish lists for marketers to scan. Also, their choices will be influenced by their friends' comments much more than by marketers' messages. On the other hand, it will be much harder for consumers to get free content anonymously, because advertisers will want to know more about the people they are paying to reach. In many cases, whether email or ads, users may even get a share of the marketer's payments. (See AttentionTrust.org or my op-ed on Goodmail or my post on Release 1.0)"

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