woensdag 17 mei 2006

Inevitable pipe future

Telecommunications operators will see a future, despite all their efforts to prevent this from happening, where they will be nothing more (or less) than a bit pipe provider. May be combined with some very relevant services that are related to providing access to the internet and which will create additional value to both consumer and operator.

"More specifically, QoS from the ITU and ETSI cartels is a reaction to the immediate VoIP (Skype, Vonage, etc.) threat to existing telephony business models. Because voice is today’s killer application it has become the first battleground for operator monopoly business model protection. Expected data revenues are not materializing to off-set declining voice revenues. Note that 3G might be “almost” here, but it has failed miserably in achieving its data business objectives. 3G-only operators continue to struggle to find a workable business model and continue to compete on the declining price of voice. The sooner the telecommunications operators realize the need to start driving towards their final bit pipe future, the sooner they can halt their wasteful spending during their inevitable decline and ensure their survival (just look at the pathetic history of AT&T;)."

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