zondag 7 mei 2006

Open Croquet

October last year I first wrote about Croquet, a Second Life like P2P virtual world that is a 3D operating system at the same time. Robert Scoble witnessed a demo and reports on his weblog. The Croquet SDK 1.0 became available as a beta at the beginning of April, I can't wait to experience the first user friendly implementations. If Eccky was not keeping me so busy.... If you're interested in these developments, be sure to have a look at the reports from the Metaverse Roadmap Summit that took place over the last couple of days.

"See that chess set in the image above? You can move around it. You can spin it. You can zoom toward it. And, if you touch it you are playing chess. All running P2P. No centralized servers needed. It's remarkable. They showed how you could just "step into" a new virtual world. Just move toward something that looks like a window and you "dive into" that Window and are instantly in a new world. In that new world there would be new people, new things to see."

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