zondag 30 april 2006

The cost of broadcasting on the web

Forbes analyses the cost of serving video online. Although services like YouTube really do achieve economies of scale, their distribution model does not appear to be future proof. Peer-to-peer, or a mix of both, has a lot of promise. May be we need Bittorrent integrated in each OS....

"The bandwidth companies typically charge video sites up to a penny per minute of video streamed. Big players who buy in bulk get discounted rates: Industry observers estimate that YouTube, which is streaming 40 million videos and 200 terabytes of data per day, may be paying between a tenth of a cent and half a cent per minute. Neither YouTube nor Limelight would comment on their pricing."

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  1. Yep, indeed. It's a good sign for this technology, but it still needs to be more user friendly. Needing to download the client should not be necessary...