zondag 24 juli 2005

Who to trust?

Thoughts that make you think.

"The strange thing is, today’s situation in the United States is not that different. If you are born into a lower-middle class family, chances are you will work hard all your life, which life will revolve around two types of agora: the local pub and an online chatroom or multiplayer game on the Web. Instead of the aristocracy we now bow our heads to multinational corporations and media giants like Microsoft, Universal, News Corp, and Viacom. Instead of the King the US now accepts the President as ultimate authority (who goes to war to… well, you know), and instead of the Family – that entity which sociologists call a 'zombie institution' because it still (though barely) exists but it is dead at the same time - we now accept our (online) circle of friends (read: people so similar to us so that we never can be expected to make a real effort to get to know or understand them) as the social group from which we get our cues as to what is good and bad."

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