zondag 31 juli 2005

Dell fails

Many have been following the amazing story (read from bottom) about Jeff Jarvis and his really bad experiences with his Dell computers and the Dell company. I've also been talking about it with friends of mine who work at Dell, but nobody there seemed to know about it. And now we can see that it really starts to impact Dell in a negative way, even with mainstream consumers. Dell's support and marketing model is failing to adapt and learn from a changing consumer environment, that will cost them if they won't look at what's happening in the world.

"I happened to be sitting across from a couple of bank tellers from TD Canada Trust, the bank in our building. These two ladies I'd seen before so I knew where they worked.

Lady one: I was going to buy a new Dell but did you hear about Jeff Jarvis and the absolute hell he is going through with them.

Lady two: Yeah, I know the IT guy told me that the cobler blog was recommending we stay away from Dell."

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