dinsdag 12 juni 2007

De eerste 10 seconden...

Nuttig en gratis advies voor alle Web 2.0 (leuk he die term;-)) startups, maar helaas vaak erg moeilijk om goed te implementeren...

"If you are driving a lot of new traffic to your site, you'll often see a graph like the one above - in my case, the vast majority of the traffic is coming through Google organic and paid clicks. People either opt into your site or out of your site within the first 10 seconds. They'll show up, glance at a couple headlines and head out, or if they like you, they might continue on and you'll keep them for upwards of a couple minutes.

In fact, you could imagine that in 10 seconds, the user's not doing much except for answering two questions:

  1. "What the heck is this?"

  2. "Is this for me?"

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Yme,

    Goede post.

    Mijn gedachten hierover:

    1) Geef de user een screencast van de hoofdtoepassing op hoofdlijnen (Explore item)

    2) Simple design ; minimale hoeveelheid tekst en visuals

    3) Benoem de verschillende toepassingen en de doelgroepen