donderdag 8 december 2005

Social search

Interesting new social search service from Yahoo! that allows people to ask and answers questions in a community environment. Contextual advertising could prove to be an interesting revenue model for both Yahoo! and answering users.... And who knows, it might even solve other problems as well.

"Yahoo today rolled out a very Web 2,0-ey and potentially powerful new beta product, Yahoo Answers, that helps you connect with other users who can answer your questions. You can ask a question; answer a question; or browse already-answered questions. There are rating, participation points and ratting systems to help keep the community helpful and useful. If it works, it will provide a powerful catalog of useful user-generated content in such advertiser-attractive areas as consumer electronics, stay-at-home moms, health, etc. Time, as they say in Cliche Corner, will tell if Yahoo can control the scammers, spammers and marketers from taking over the joint."

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