dinsdag 6 december 2005

Marc Canter

We just had another Marc Canter show at Les Blogs 2.0. I'm not going to repeat or analyze what he said, because I've blogged about it before when he wrote an article, "Breaking the web wide open", a short while ago. It is a must read for anyone interested in Web 2.0, Les Blogs 2.0, Identity 2.0 etc, etc. I just noticed I'll be speaking at a conference with him next year, let's see if I can keep him awake;-)

"Today's incumbents will have to adapt to the new openness of the Web 2.0. If they stick to their proprietary standards, code, and content, they'll become the new walled gardens—places users visit briefly to retrieve data and content from enclosed data silos, but not where users "live." The incumbents' revenue models will have to change. Instead of "owning" their users, users will know they own themselves, and will expect a return on their valuable identity and attention. Instead of being locked into incompatible media formats, users will expect easy access to digital content across many platforms."

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  1. Was reading through some old feeds because of some of our discussions and just discovered your post. Just read the article and was really swept away by Marc's vision on the future of the web! Good suggested reading, tnx.