zaterdag 10 december 2005

Everyone is talking to everyone

Often when people speak about blogs, they miss the point when claiming it's nothing new. "I had a personal homepage 10 years ago" is what they say. But what makes blogging different is syndication. Syndication has turned the static web into a live web. Read these two (1, 2) articles in Linux Journal by Doc Searls in order to better understand this.

"Blogging predated syndication, but it was syndication that began to give form to the live Web. Syndication provided a way for people, and the tools they use, to pay attention (through subscription) to feeds from syndicated sources. At first these sources were blogs and publications, but later they came to include searches for topics of conversation, including the names of authors, URLs and permalinks for particular blog posts or news stories. Many of those sources were not the blogs themselves, but search engines reporting the results of keyword and URL searches."

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  1. This is one of the most fundamental posts in months I believe. GREAT!!!