maandag 24 januari 2005


Interesting essay on the permanence of content on the web and the way it might offer a profitable business model for news publishers. The essay doesn't give you the specific answers on how to find that model, but it points in a right direction. The direction of Chris Anderson's Long Tail...

"Without permanence you slip off the search engines. Without permanence, bold ideas like 'news as conversation' fall away, because you're shutting down the conversation before it has barely started. Without permanence, you might be on the web, but you're certainly not part of it."

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  1. Yme,

    Great article. Many relevant issues. Personally, I believe in a more permanent news website in the end strongly connecting to key blogs around the world. Even economically, this might be of more value (advertising revenues in the long tail).

    I am not an insider concerning the economics of closed/paid news archives but I believe the revenues are insignificant. Opening up is the way to go if only not to lose the reputation/brand image as an integrative, high quality resource on the Web for different users and usages. Same accounts to your own blog I guess.... ;-)