maandag 3 januari 2005

EPIC: Evolving Personalized Information Construct

Some nice thinking on where the future might take us. Although it's a just a scenario, some people should wake up and look at todays' facts.

"Google combines all of its services - TiVo, Blogger, GMail, GoogleNews and all of its searches into the Google Grid, a universal platform that provides a functionally limitless amount of storage space and bandwidth to store and share media of all kinds. Always online, accessible from anywhere. Each user selects her own level of privacy. She can store her content securely on the Google Grid, or publish it for all to see. It has never been easier for anyone, everyone to create as well as consume media."

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  1. This file has been circulating on the web for some months now, amazing how they see the future of personalisation and importance of information.