zondag 2 januari 2005

On Flickr

For anyone who doesn't understand what distinguishes Flickr from other photo sharing websites, go read this Salon article. Flickr is, to me, a great example of how the online world adds a new dimension to the real world. Something I am continually experiencing with my own photoblog as well, but the impact of (the) Flickr (model) goes a bit further. Whether people like it or not...

"But more remarkable was the kind of running commentary from their wedding guests about their honeymoon in Amsterdam and Paris that took place on Flickr while it was still happening. "When we were wandering around we would take pictures with the camera phone, and we would post them immediately," Champ explains. "It was funny to get back and find people were having this real-time conversation about where we were. 'They're at Cafe Hugo near Place Des Vosges!' It was kind of unexpected to see all this dialogue."

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