maandag 6 oktober 2003

Jeff Bezos: Fixated on the Customer

On webservices:

Q (Business Week): now runs sites and online operations for retailers such as Target and Toys 'R' Us. What's the future for that services business?

A: It's a rapidly growing part of our business. And that goes from [large] companies that are customers of that all the way down to individuals using our Web services to tap into the fundamental platform that is They can build their own applications very effectively. It's almost closer to an ecosystem.

Q: So Amazon is becoming a kind of software platform a bit like Microsoft?

A: People are building stuff that surprises us. That's what's so interesting about this. We've built this big base of technology to serve ourselves, and now we're opening it up and letting people access it. They're taking these fundamental pieces and building completely new things that not only would we have never gotten around to but in some cases maybe never even have thought of. There are thousands of developers who are building applications using Amazon Web services. The sky's the limit on their creativity.

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