zondag 12 oktober 2003

Hub Media Strategy

"....But the research results were specific to media multitasking. Now I was interested. What they (Yahoo) essentially did was provide a name (not a bad one at that) for what a lot of us have already been thinking: The Web can (and sometimes should) be at the center of a communications plan. The name is Hub Media. Hub Media is the notion most or all non-digital communications in a plan should drive a person to the Web for a larger payoff. It's supported in this research by data suggesting the Millennial Generation multitasks at extraordinarily high levels. The one medium almost always present in the multitasking equation is the Internet. If they want more information about the clothes they saw in the magazine ad, they go online. If they want to tell their friends the referee blew the call on the last play, they IM or e-mail. It's the pervasiveness of the Internet for the Millenial Generation that makes Hub Media viable."

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