woensdag 26 november 2008

Vriendschap verbroken

Als er nog twijfels zijn of de vrienden op sites als Hyves en facebook wel echte vrienden zijn, lees dan dit artikel over een fenomeen waar we tegenwoordig steeds vaker tegen aan zullen lopen. Het publiekelijk herdefinieren of zelfs verbreken van een vriendschapsrelatie.

"Jill received a message from her friend Megan asking, “When are we getting together? Miss you.” Moments after that message, Jill discovered that Megan had de-friended her on Facebook. That was odd. She gets a “let’s get together” message, the two of them hang out twice a week, and they have lots of mutual friends. All signs that made Jill believe she was Megan’s friend. Jill didn’t realize that Megan was on a rampage, a three day de-friending bloodbath, cleaning out her Facebook friends list.

The behavior was so strange that all the mature 30-something women who were in Megan’s original friend pool turned into gossiping teenagers. Why did some of them make the cut and others didn’t? Turns out some friends who stayed on were told by Megan that they were being left on because they could be valuable to Megan’s professional network. One friend was told that she was kept on because Megan thought if she de-friended her, which apparently she wanted to do, she would lose her social standing in the group."

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