donderdag 12 april 2007

AJAX is niet groen

Leuke analyse van de resourcekosten van het gebruik van 'web 2.0' applicaties. Naast dat het stuk grappig is om te lezen zit er ook nog wel een serieus tintje aan de boodschap (voor ontwikkelaars) van Ted...

"If you're signed into Meebo, take one of your IM windows and drag it around a bit. On my dual-core, 3.4GHz workstation, this uses 90% CPU time. However, if I take the whole Firefox window and drag it around the screen, Firefox uses about 11% CPU and XOrg uses another 20%. A pegged CPU will draw more power, which uses more electricity, which requires more electricity to be generated, which, given the division of power generation in the United States, causes more carbon dioxide to be emitted into the atmosphere. So there you have it, by not caring about resource consumption, Meebo is destroying the environment and perpetuating global warming. My grandkids will thank you, Meebo."

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