zondag 5 februari 2006

Stamped email

Email senders will soon have to pay in order to be sure their email is delivered to the recipient's inbox. This is great news, primarily because it's such a bad idea. The good thing is that it will speed up the adoption of RSS as a replacement for email....

"AOL and Yahoo will still accept e-mail from senders who have not paid, but the paid messages will be given special treatment. On AOL, for example, they will go straight to users' main mailboxes, and will not have to pass the gantlet of spam filters that could divert them to a junk-mail folder or strip them of images and Web links. As is the case now, mail arriving from addresses that users have added to their AOL address books will not be treated as spam."

1 opmerking:

  1. This has got to be a joke. One of the biggest flops of 2006 I guess.