maandag 13 februari 2006

Centralized vs. decentralized marketplaces

On the Dutch version of this weblog, Ymerce, there was a short discussion on whether (and why) Edgeio would actually be used. Pete Cashmore explains it in English...

"I really can’t fault it. It ties in with so much of the stuff that I’ve been thinking about recently - essentially that blogs are becoming the submit form for the web and that the centralized models (read: walled gardens) of old are about to be disrupted in a big way by smart aggregators. Think of Riffs vs iNods. Which will have more content - a fairly closed review site that requires a signup to post content, or an aggregator that will grab content from wherever it’s created, be it on Riffs or one of the hundreds of thousands of blogs out there? Clearly, the aggregator wins - it’s simply a better place to go if you want to find a review."

1 opmerking:

  1. Redelijk kort door de bocht dit. Ik zie de voordelen wel van content aggregatie, maar chaos ligt op de loer. Op korte termijn zal dergelijke indexering zal het niet halen bij de traditionele en heldere structuur van de 'walled gardens'. Er zal een optimum zijn vwb waar het behalen van kritische massa qua aanbod, waarna de complexiteit bij nog groter aanbod de site de das om zal doen.