zondag 5 februari 2006

The 'conversational index'

Comments on weblogs could be a useful instrument for identifying relevant weblogs or websites. Stowe Boyd calls it the 'conversational index'. However, I think the focus is too much on quantity instead of quality of comments. Something Michael Parekh notices as well. Comment and trackback spam will become an even bigger problem in the future if the quality dimension is not included. And it's not that hard to do it. A commenter's authority is a good predictor for quality. Using services like Technorati will allow us to check this authority, assuming (for the moment) the commenter has a blog of course...

"...successful blogs -- ones that were currently viable and vibrant, and those that were on a growth trajectory from their start -- shared a common characteristic: The ratio between posts and comments+trackbacks (posts/comments + trackbacks) was less than one. Meaning that there was more conversation -- as indicated by the number of comments and track backs offered by readers -- than posting articles."

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