zondag 12 december 2004

Nobody's Using MMS (yet?)

Never mind that currently two thirds of phones sold are camera phones. MMS is still not used. Why? Well there are a couple of reasons. Many point out that there's no killer app, prices are too high and people don't see it as the substitute for SMS as many had hoped they would. I too think that MMS pricing is a primary barrier that prevents the MMS adoption curve from speeding up. But I do believe that when that issue is solved MMS will be, partly, a substitute for SMS. Answering the question: "where are you and with whom' via MMS might be easier with MMS, sometimes even better. And I receive that very question many times a week....

"Note I said person-to-person, not phone-to-phone: I'm not convinced that sending pictures from phone to phone will ever be all that popular. I'm sure it will get used some, particularly as download speeds improve, but picture messages simply won't replace SMS as a primary means of communication. But when image quality and transmission speeds improve, using MMS to send pictures to other people will grow, they just won't be receiving them on their mobile phones."

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