zondag 26 december 2004

Digital inheritance

A lot of attention has been given to the case of Marine Lance Cpl. Justin M. Ellsworth. He died in Iraq over a month ago and his parents are seeking access to his email-account which is not allowed given the email provider's privacy policy. This story has triggered me to think about what happens to my digital life after I'm dead. To have everything under my own control I too think this is the best solution:

"The easiest approach, Internet scholars say, is simply to leave behind a password. I think this (Yahoo) case will be helpful to people who are thinking about issues not only of inheritance but planning," said Jonathan I. Ezor, a professor of law and technology at Touro Law Center in Huntington, New York. "When one family member tells another where the important paperwork is, the will, safe deposit box key, etc., the list of passwords is going to be added to that."

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