zondag 5 december 2004

Citizen journalism

It's here to stay, but traditional media companies have been very hesitant so far. And I don't understand why. Is it a lack of entrepreneurship? Their world is changing, but they don't act while there are so many opportunities...

"I think the citizen journalism trend is inevitable, and traditional media companies need to get over their fear of it tainting their brand names. While mixing citizen journalism directly in with the work of professional journalists may feel like going too far, there's little reason for a news organization to avoid at least establishing an independent citizen journalism entity and linking back and forth."

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Steve Outing is an inspiring columnist on new kinds of journalism. But I do not share his view completely. In every market you see 'incumbants' not being able to innovate, but following quickly. We will do a broad survey on new kinds of journalism with new technologies in The Netherlands, but also look at the business cases.
    See: http://www.bedrijfsfondspers.nl/PersBerichten-Zien.cfm?ID=144
    Peter Olsthoorn (internet and paper) journalist

  2. Yes, I do agree with you 'incumbants' will have some time to respond to their changing business environment. But I think it is a shame to see how long that takes. Something like 'OhMyNews' in Korea has been around for two years and you don't have to be a genius to understand that certain aspects of that model will be (and already have) exported to other markets as well. The thing is that 'incumbants' could take advantage by acting faster.

  3. Was looking at the Netkwesties research topics, but what seems to be missing is the changing dynamics of 'sourcing news', with the phenomenon of citizen journalism as a prime example. Or is that included as well?