maandag 11 september 2006

Not (just) a game

It is often said that Second Life is not a game and should not be seen like one. It's a virtual environment which is all about socializing, creating, experimenting, etc. But when you look at World of Warcraft, it's not much different except there is a gameplay to facilitate everything which makes it extremely popular. In the end however, it's not a game...

"Edward Castronova sees all this as an early indicator of what will become a vast participation in synthetic worlds, with fuzzier and fuzzier lines between virtual and physical realms. "In 20 or 30 years the technology will be here to create incredibly more realistic and immersive worlds," he says. "There will be a world that fits the fantasy of any life you want to lead." Those deep into WOW, of course, are already living that future. "Yes, it's just a game," says Joi Ito. "The way that the real world is a game."

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