dinsdag 16 augustus 2005

Fan chat

Ik heb zo'n leuke chatbox op mijn website (aan de rechterkant), vandaag had ik een 'fan' langs....

anon1 (11:59:04 AM): get a braintumor and die
anon1 (11:59:13 AM): first get a testicle tumor
ymebosma (11:59:22 AM): tnx
anon1 (12:00:01 PM): u are member of the new sick generation of men that are sick of tecnolgoy
anon1 (12:00:30 PM): seeing is not believing
anon1 (12:00:42 PM): dying is your destiny
anon1 (12:01:29 PM): your world view is restricted by a flat panel size of 413 by 413 picels
anon1 (12:01:54 PM): your eyes will become blur beause the radiation will make you blind
anon1 (12:02:05 PM): who cares but yourself
anon1 (12:02:07 PM): ???

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