donderdag 6 november 2003

Acquiring goods and services via the Internet

"The Internet is transforming communication, collaboration, and commerce. This research focuses on the commerce function and examines the nature of Internet transactions, in terms of the consumer needs fulfilled, the Internet as a contact vehicle (in purchasing) and the Internet’s acquisition function. A questionnaire is administered to undergraduate students to capture their perceptions on the above issues. The findings indicate that the largest number of items being purchased via the Internet is to fill love and affiliation needs, with physical needs being second. The Internet is also considered to be convenient and flexible, but less reliable and secure. Finally, the Internet is perceived to be least similar to purchasing from a store. These findings will help organizations conducting business via the Internet to better address the needs and wants of consumers, and system designers, marketers, managers, etc. can use these findings when assessing their organization’s Web transaction activity."

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