woensdag 28 juni 2006

Making money of MySpace?

News Corp. doesn't have a clue on the potential value of MySpace and how to turn the promises into profit. Rupert Murdoch doesn't seem to care (yet), great to see the entrepreneurial spirit of this 75 year old in action...

"Needless to say, that’s the kind of problem Rupert Murdoch would be happy to take up to the mountaintop (or, more precisely, his $44 million Fifth Avenue apartment) and think about. “God knows what we’re going to do with MySpace,” he says, leaning back on that immaculate white sofa. “We’re just discovering what this thing can do.” This is the kind of statement that confounds his more hidebound rivals and sends nervous chills down Wall Street’s spine: What will Rupert do next? “You want to learn from MySpace,” he muses. “Can you democratize newspapers, for instance? What does it mean for how we do sports or politics? I don’t know – no one does. I just know we’ll figure it out.” And while he’s scratching his head, MySpace will be turning chatter into buzz, casual dilettantes into adoring fans, and homespun demos into off-the-chart successes. Popular culture will become more truly popular than ever before. Murdoch won’t have to give the people what they want – they’ll get it themselves."

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  1. Hopefully he'll find out just how powerful MySpace could become before the competition take full advantage of the opportunities they've let pass.