vrijdag 9 juni 2006


Mooi succesverhaal....

I was poking around alexa today and saw that Plentyoffish is now a top 30 site In Canada ahead of all other dating sites. (Ask.com's toolbar network) puts me in the top 43 most viewed sites on the web. In the bigger picture Plentyoffish.com is neck in neck with yahoo personals and still a ways behind match.com. It amazes me to think that my 1 person company is able to compete at a level where all the competitors have 600+ servers, and 300+ full time staff. I feel like I am ahead of my time, and when I look around at the companies out there today I have a hard time seeing them existing in a few years. I believe that in a few years 2 or 3 person companies will replace companies that have 40 or 50 employees.

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