vrijdag 17 maart 2006

Pandora's Box

I'm a big fan of Last.fm which is all about discovering and listening to great music you've never heard before. Pandora is a similar service, and Terry Heaton explains why services like these will have such an impact on the current business model of entertainment industry.

"One, Pandora, while helping the music industry by directing people to purchase music they've found, completely destroys the command and control needs of the industry as a whole. When you listen to Pandora, you're immediately taken by the sheer volume of music that's available, people you've never heard of and styles you've never considered -- all based on what you've described as your tastes. While this is fabulous for artists of all sorts, it undercuts the one-way marketing stream upon which the institutional music industry is built. I certainly view this as a good thing, but it's further evidence of why we no longer need a handful of greedy executives determining what is or isn't popular, and that is trouble for the status quo."

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