zondag 5 maart 2006

Blogging as usual

No, this is not about my own blogging routine... It's about Shel Israel (who wrote Naked Conversations together with Robert Scoble) realizing that blogging is normalizing. I think it has been for a while already if you simply look at the numbers and the topics that are (successfully) being blogged about. And I'm not sure why Shel explicitly hopes "ethics based on authenticity and transparancy" will be maintained. What is he afraid of? Aren't these (some of) the elements that make a blog (become) successful in the first place? Or will that be different when blogging is normalizing....?

Blogging is normalizing. It is following the usual adoption trends taught in Marketing 101. The number of marketing people watching blogs, starting them and evangelizing is going to inevitably eclipse the number of technology developers who got this all going. This is as it should be and marketers and other people in large organizations will adapt blogging from what it is today into something different. I can only hope that the ethics set based on authenticity and transparency that they started will be maintained as blogging moves into the mainstream rapids. As it shoots down those rapids, I hope it fares better than websites and email did in maintaining a certain structural integrity.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. The blogs that prove to be untrustworthy (over time) will simply die out...bit like I-omega did in the external hard disk business. I think Shel is in trouble in the long term too....I recall a truly terrible keynote at Paris Les Blogs which showed they had done no prep and ended up insulting the audience.

  2. Yes, I remember that as well... And also a few other comments he made during that event, none of which were giving me the idea he really deeply understands what he is talking (and writing) about.