maandag 21 november 2005

Simple Sharing Extensions

Good to see a large company like Microsoft is able to combine innovation, speed and simplicity. And what about the endorsement given to the Creative Commons? This step by Microsoft, including its cooperation with Dave Winer, will be looked back upon many times...

"It's progress when Microsoft, Winer, Creative Commons and simple scenarios for making the Web more useful converge. I called attention obsessed Steve Gillmor to get his take. "SSE is the doorway to attention," he pronounced. "Adding namespaces to RSS and OPML brings us to the era of the integration of the Web and the crown jewels of [Lotus] Notes [created by Ozzie while at Lotus and now part of IBM]: Replication. Replication creates the timestamp to close the loop on the fundamentals of attention–who (a feed), what (an item) and for how long (time). From those three things you can infer 99 percent of the data that makes attention valuable."

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