vrijdag 30 mei 2003

The Economist

Prime clicking time

At last, internet advertising that works but does not annoy. Surfing the web, like the waters, is supposed to be a smooth and speedy experience. But these days, it is more a case of dodging obstacles: advertising windows pop up all over the screen. In reaction, many computer users have installed programs to block the ads. AOL, the leading online service, is distributing software that lets its 35m subscribers suppress pesky pop-ups (except its own, of course). Fortunately, this irritating online marketing could be the last gasp of a doomed attempt to advertise on the web in basically the same way as print. A less annoying alternative has been found that is more effective than banner ads, which are now mostly ignored by surfers. These are simple, text-based ads that are directly linked to what people are doing online.

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