maandag 26 september 2005

Stop buying DRM

What's the best way of making sure DRM will go away? Stop buying DRM-encumbered content. Very simple, I have no doubt this is what will happen eventually.

"The whole point of DRM is *restrictions*. The point of all previous audio formats was compatability. CDs play on any CD player. Cassettes play or record on any cassette player. Neither one cares what you do with the audio that comes out. By contrast, DRM is designed to prevent the audio from coming out in any way that the oligopoly objects to. And they even keep changing the rules as they discover new things that annoy them. ...Rather than calling for everybody to implement DRM, which would be uniformly terrible for most musicians, most equipment makers, and all consumers, you should be calling for nobody to buy DRM. We can't stop them from building it "there's no law against companies selling painful products. The only cure is education" of their customers."

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