maandag 26 september 2005

Independent Identity

Reading Doc Searl's Whydentity post and his cover story for this month's Linux Journal on independent identity is a must. Identity management is a huge business opportunity in itself, but it will enable a lot more business potential if it will be implemented and organized in the way Microsoft's Kim Cameron envisions it. If you're in the business of CRM, social networking, etc, pay attention....

"The real problem is the absense of something we've needed all along: Independent Identity, owned by the individual, rather than granted by outside commercial and governmental bodies. With Independent Identity, sovereign individuals could selectively present credentials and do business, anywhere on the Net (or in the physical world, for that matter), without being forced to obtain "membership" or whatever. Their private information (memberships, preferences, transaction histories, attention data) would reside with the equivalent of a bank or a broker, and would be represented to others in a way that revealed only what the transaction, conversation or relationship required."

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