dinsdag 7 september 2004

Big Flexible Software Or Focused Situational Software?

"However, from Between the Lines, comes a pointer to an analysis that appears to be suggesting exactly the opposite. As the world moves towards service oriented architectures, it predicts 'the end of craft software', which will be replaced by big, but flexible, web services components that can easily be modified to meet ever-changing needs. The suggestion is that, by designing to web services standards, developers will finally be able to wipe out some of the quality problems associated with existing software offerings. Both sides seem a little idealistic in their visions. For years we've had attempts at making programming tools for non-programmers and that hasn't gone very far. Meanwhile, the idea of componentized jigsaw puzzle software has been trotted out on a fairly regular basis -- and while there have been religious wars on various implementations, very little has actually changed in the way most companies develop software."

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