maandag 26 april 2004

Advertising and Branding in Virtual Worlds

"When I say advertising and branding in virtual worlds I really mean in virtual worlds. All examples discussed are various forms of in-world advertising. The marketing of vw's to the general public is not covered. But within virtual worlds, I've found that advertising and branding projects have taken the following forms so far:

[1] Community members who create their own brands and ads to advertise virtual products they are creating and selling to other members

[2] Official ads for products made by the company that owns/operates the world

[3] Contextual advertising campaigns by real, offline companies who are now branding objects within virtual worlds (Nike & Levi's in There, McDonald's and Intel in TSO)

[4] Entire virtual worlds created to advertise or promote a company or organization (Coke Music, America's Army, Aero House, Mokitown)

One interesting trend I also discuss in the paper is how teenagers seem to be more receptive to in-world advertising than adults are, often bringing elements of branding into the worlds themselves. In fact, many of the fully branded worlds are targeted to teens and kids."

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