woensdag 5 oktober 2011

Barterend de winter door

Geen idee hoe schaalbaar dit uiteindelijk zal blijken te zijn, maar technologie helpt wel een handje in vergelijking tot het verleden. Is er een crisis nodig zoals in Griekenland, of zou dit in Nederland nu eigenlijk ook al goed moeten kunnen werken?
"The group’s concept is simple. People sign up online and get access to a database that is kind of like a members-only Craigslist. One unit of TEM is equal in value to one euro, and it can be used to exchange good and services. Members start their accounts with zero, and they accrue credit by offering goods and services. They can borrow up to 300 TEMs, but they are expected to repay the loan within a fixed period of time. Members also receive books of vouchers of the alternative currency itself, which look like gift certificates and are printed with a special seal that makes it difficult to counterfeit. Those vouchers can be used like checks. Several businesspeople in Volos, including a veterinarian, an optician and a seamstress, accept the alternative currency in exchange for a discount on the price in euros."

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