zondag 15 augustus 2004


"Bascially we're making sure to make it REAL easy for folks to utilize media in their everyday lives, school and work. The idea is that common APIs and Schemas get established that are then supported by the notion of a 'personal media server'. This code gets baked into all sorts of existing platforms, devices, etc. - while also being given away - in multiple languages. We'll make sure that these 'media servers' are supported by several major, large scale systems - and then sprinkle the pixie dust to the wind - and see where it lands. Then all this content at the Internet Archives can be accessed - built-right into your image gallery or jukebox (audio or video!) We're also going to establish a way for ANYBODY to contribute their media (via OpenMedia's and other orgs web sites) to this common Creative Commons pool of media. All this stuff gets indexed - like a giant media DMOZ - and made available through a Directory system, that can switch between visually oriented iconic interface and a more traditional hierachical interface - searchable and sortable in many different ways - of course."

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