maandag 16 augustus 2004

Must-download TV

"But Sailes didn't think that anyone had gotten it just right, and this spring he and a roommate set out to build a stand-alone RSS reader meant specifically for TV trading. What they came up with is Buttress, an open-source Java application that, while still very much a work in progress, looks extremely promising. Using the system is easy: You give the program a few RSS feeds to monitor (here are some to get you started), and you give it some keywords of shows you'd like to download -- 'sopranos,' 'buffy,' that kind of thing. The program periodically scans the feeds, and if it sees your keyword, it launches your BitTorrent app and downloads the show. Because this happens in the background, while you're sleeping or at work or out of town, it's painless -- you don't need to look around for the show, or to wait while it downloads, or to worry about whether you recorded it, etc. All you've got to do is trust that someone, somewhere, has put the show online -- and when you check back on your machine, you'll see that you've got it and it's ready to watch."

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