zondag 15 januari 2006

The year of I

Joel sums up the key questions that need to be anwered before we can really take advantage of the net.

"So what can we look forward to? Well, we'll have to face a number of important challenges to ramp up, the most fundamental of which is of course Identity, and I'm concerned that immediately following is that of an even more loosely defined term that everyone has differing opinions on: Trust. These aren't new thoughts, smart people have been trying this message for years and it's still true, and it's still in need of help. How do you trust someone you only interact with digitally? What do you need to learn about them to understand who they are and form a relationship? When does the group decide versus an individual? Are there realizeable technology solutions here (standards and protocols)? Which social and behavioral patterns need to grow and adapt?"

1 opmerking:

  1. Trust is at the top of the stack. It only happens on a large scale after standardization and proof. However difficult, I see small steps toward a more User-centric Identity, with some of the large players involved.

    On a different note, calling someting "The year of ..." usually indicates that something is about to happen in five years ;)