maandag 4 augustus 2003

"From the WSJ - no, not the Wall Street Journal, but the Wisconsin State Journal - we find an article about the growing trend for local municipalities to take on the job of supplying broadband, often via a wireless link. Private companies are increasingly upset with the fact that they're competing with publicly funded organizations, but in many cases, private companies are slow to offer such services to rural communities, and having public utilities come in is the only way they're going to get access in a reasonable time-frame. Some states are looking at banning municipal utility firms from offering broadband, and the article points out that it's a situation that is likely to end up before the Supreme Court in the near future. While I can understand both sides of the issue, it seems like it should be up to the taxpayers. If they're willing to have their tax dollars go towards supplying broadband, then let it go. However, if they would prefer their tax dollars be spent elsewhere (or not at all), then let them vote in favor of that"

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