donderdag 7 november 2002

Business 2.0

How to Think With Your Gut

How the geniuses behind the Osbournes, the Mini, Federal Express, and Starbucks followed their instincts and reached success. "One day I was home with strep throat, and I saw a rerun of MTV's Cribs that featured the Osbournes' house. They were such a dynamic family. I thought, "They would make great TV.' So I set up a dinner with Sharon Osbourne, the kids, and two MTV executives. We just wanted to watch them interact. Sharon was saying things like 'Remember when Dad was in rehab?' and Kelly and Jack were just so colorful and sarcastic. All of it hit in the gut so strongly. We never tested the show. We just knew it would make great TV." -- Rod Aissa, vice president for talent development and casting at MTV and for MTV's The Osbournes.

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