zondag 22 september 2002

Business 2.0

Just Do It. Again.

Dan Wieden created Nike's famous slogan, and he's been pushing the limits ever since. Now he's blending advertising and entertainment into a new art form -- "branded content. "Most advertising agencies line the walls of their offices with samples of their own pithy sales pitches. But at the pristine, airy headquarters of Wieden & Kennedy in Portland, Ore., there are few ads in sight, and the featured attraction on any given day might be a poetry reading or a modern dance recital, performed by local artists-in-residence and staged in an amphitheater at the center of the building. "You never know what you'll see. Could be a guy jumping through a plate of glass," says Dan Wieden, the agency's iconoclastic 57-year-old co-founder and president. "I like having that uncertainty here."

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